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Amazing keynote speakers sharing their stories and insights of how to survive and thrive after horrific events and how we can stop these things happening.


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"Wake up world, wake up to the cry of innocent souls

The lost tears, the hidden bruise and crushed youth

The fire in the soul that was taken away

The darkness of night that hid the bruises

The hatred that cuts to the core

Slicing one dream at a time, killing one smile in the moment

In the game of “I win” or “you lose”

The plea is getting lost, the torture wins

The screaming in pain, the dullness that turned insane

Are you caring about the part

Where the hearts are ripped apart?

Wake up world, wake up to the ripped hearts

The silence of trauma, shame and guilt

The seconds, minutes and hours that was spent to build

You wonder, why the tears? Why the fear?

In a society where we speak, we are met with sneer

The control, shame and guilt

Despite that we will still live

Wake up World for we have arrived

To show the scars that we have survived 

It’s time to pick up the swords,

Fight our wars, win our battles

Together stronger, forever bonded

Marching towards the mountain of fire

Burning our hurt, to heal the heart

Wake up world, for the time has come

The time to love, the time to heal

Leaving a new legacy of a happy feel. 

Wake Up world to change the past

The love, the joy that can forever last."